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Friday, February 27 2009

Ask Me for Anything!


Today I was in the presence of someone who has been a Christian, I believe, all their life.  They are currently attending a Bible study being presented by a church with thousands of people.  They were stumped by a question that was given and stated three times that they thought they would have to go to the library in order to get the answer they needed for the question.


Then I recalled how the Holy Spirit has helped me every step of the way when I came back to Christ.  Well, let’s face it.  If I had been with Christ at all, I wouldn’t have done some of the things I did.  So I really didn’t come back; I just finally surrendered my life to Christ.


Then I thought about how many different bodies of believers we have and how sad it is that we, as believers, cannot come together as one so we can really make an impact in the earth.  How many Holy Spirits do we have anyway?  You would think that we have a different one for not only each denomination, but for a lot of people as well. How very sad.


We are in times of great division and whether by death or rapture, we will all have to give an account for what we have done.  Meetings and more meetings and more meetings.  Well, it is not the Christ I have come to learn about.  I just believed and then I received from the Holy Spirit.  I don’t think we talk enough about the Holy Spirit and I don’t think we really know about the Holy Spirit.   I have been blood washed and blood bought and Holy Spirit taught.  There is no other explanation for it.  I thank God that he cared enough to come and get and save me. 


All I did was ASK.  That is all I did. I learned a long time ago to ask God for anything and then get up, shut up and listen for the answer to come forth.  Thank God for once in my life I listened.  Now, this is coming from someone who spent years going to a Psychiatrist, years asking everybody else around me to please help me.  I would spill all of my problems out and nothing ever changed.  I didn’t have the proper equipment to help me straighten out my life and I kept going around in circles never getting any better.


God pulled me through “the tunnel,” so to speak, so I could turn around and help get the truth to you but you have to want to spend time with God and you have to want to help yourself.  Many people just want “it fixed” so they can get some relief inside but if permanent changes aren’t made then nothing ever gets fixed.  Drugs only dope up the problems to where you can’t ever get to the root of what is causing you to feel so bad inside.  This hurried way of life we are on contributes to it all but it can be accomplished.  Your life can be turned around.  The Holy Spirit can come and give you what you ask but you will have to do the asking.


If you don’t know the answer to any question and want to know, ask the Holy Spirit to help you.   He is here to teach you….


+ Train you

+ Enable you to do what you cannot do.

+ Assure you that everything will be all right

+ Comfort you when you need a loving Father
+ Help you with it all.




Call out His name and let Him help you……..I can guide you and tell you what to do but YOU have to put it into practice.  I cannot do that for you.




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