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Friday, April 17 2009

Are You in Trouble?


You know I am not a Bible thumper.  There might be some people who think I am but I am not.  They just don’t know all of my good qualities!  Ha-ha!  All I ever wanted to do was tell others what God had done for me so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I have made, and they are many…OH, how great they are! I was in a world of trouble and couldn’t seem to get out of it no matter what I tried or what I did.  I thought I was a nice person.  I thought I was a good person.   But I can tell you that I was being led around by the devil and didn’t know how to get out of it.  I was in deep, deep trouble.



We all need to get “back to the basics” of just trying to tell everyone they have a deliverer who can and will deliver them from their troubles.  We need to tell others that they have a Father in Heaven who is ready and willing to help them.  The message is simple.   However God wants me to get it to you I will.  I try not to box God in with “my way” of doing my life anymore or how I am to help others.  He always sees what we can’t and we need to start bringing Him into every situation of our everyday lives.  For the sake of this blog, I want to make it clear to you that you have a Father in Heaven who is ready, willing and able to help you no matter what you are facing.  You might not like how He chooses to help you, but He will help you. 


You have to understand that God sees what you can’t.  He is not just going to get you out of a jam if it will not benefit you in the long run.  He wants to fix your life so you won’t end up in the same mess you are in today, whether it is financial, personal or in your working life.  But, the catch is YOU have to do the asking and YOU have to do the “doing.”  He is not going to make you.  In other words, you have to be obedient to do what He tells you to do…no matter what it is. 


In the beginning of my walk with God, He showed me so many good things that I became conditioned to thinking “good things” would always come my way.  I looked at God as a kind of Santa Claus.  However, I now know that is not the God I have learned to call my Father.  Eventually, He had to show me things (“the more”) I really did not like.  He wants us to come to Him with every little thing but He will require your obedience.  For example, if you need a job and He gives you one, then you better take it.  Don’t slap Him in the face by saying it isn’t good enough for you.  When I was working at Food Lion, I was just thrilled to be able to get a paycheck.  It was good, honest work and I needed the money.  This is from someone who had been a branch manager in a financial arena years earlier.  But I took it all for granted.  


If you are in trouble, and I know a lot of people are in trouble, then go to God, get on your knees and ask Him in earnest for His help.   There is nothing as His child that He won’t do for you.  But you have to humble yourself and ask Him for His will for your life, not your will for your life.  It will make all the difference in the world.  Unfortunately, people haven’t been taught to do this or have been mislead in the teaching they are receiving. The Father I know and love will answer any prayer of the heart….but He isn’t Santa Claus.


I ought to know.  I stood in the middle of my room one time and named and claimed a million dollars.  I just knew if I had a million dollars,  my life would be wonderful.  WRONG.  I would have already spent the million dollars and wouldn’t have learned a thing.  God wants you to be the best you can be on this earth, believe me. You cannot yank His chain.  God was going to transform me into what He wanted me to be and I had some mighty hard lessons ahead of me.  One of the lessons was how to be a good steward of what He gave me in terms of money.


Are you in trouble?  Then ask God to help you…He will.  It might not come down (from Heaven) exactly as you want but it will come down.  In all of the years I have asked God for anything, He has ALWAYS delivered the answer I needed.  So take it from someone who knows:  He is always ready to help.


Ask Him.  When you finally reach a point, and I really pray you never do, where you feel you have nowhere else to turn for answers and get relief, turn to Christ.  I was at this point and that is where I met Christ.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. What we try to do for you is to prod you into going to “the source.”  Don’t try to do life on your own.



Are you in trouble?  I mean hard trouble?  Then ask your Father for help.






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