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Friday, April 30 2010

The Black Marker


Most people know what a Sharpie marker is.  It has many uses.  We can use a Sharpie to highlight something we have written (to show emphasis), or we can use it to completely delete something we no longer feel is useful.


I was thinking about what the Bible says for us as God’s children.  I thought of the horrible death that Jesus had to suffer (Luke 24:26) for us so that we can get back to Heaven, as long as we accept Jesus as our Savior.   I have discovered, through my personal trials and tribulations and through Christ’s atoning work on the cross, how much more we actually have available to us.  What concerns me is that we do not act like it, and on the whole, do not speak like it.


There are those who feel that today there is no such thing as divine healing.  You are Christians, you go to church, but you feel that God does not heal today.  Okay, let’s do a little exercise; there is nothing like participation!  This exercise will require your Bible and your Sharpie.  I want you to go to the New Testament and find Mark 16: 17-18.  This scripture tells us: “And these signs will follow those who believe:  In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” I want you to put a big black line through those scriptures.  How do you like the interaction so far?  Are you offended that I would ask you to do this?  If you don’t believe in healing or deliverance by the hand of God we need to delete these scriptures, don’t you think?


Now, there are those who would say I am being too extreme in my point.  But the fact remains, on the whole, we DON'T believe that Jesus has the power to heal us, set us free, provide for us and give us a better life.  Listen to and look at those around you.  They talk about defeat in some or all areas of their lives over and over again.  This is what is going on.  If we just believed, we would not be so defeated.


If pastors stood in a Sunday morning service and polled people in the congregation, how many do you think would really, really believe about healing, delivering, seeing the captive truly set free?  How many believe that if they sow their money where God guides them to, they will reap a harvest of some kind?  Or do you even know a harvest exists?  Read Genesis 8:22.  Of course, again, if you don’t believe what God says, then get out your marker.


It is time for our eyes to be opened to the “Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  This is something that is long overdue.   I am a living testimony to most everything Jesus came here for so we could gain the victory while we are on earth…

(click here for testimony).

I lay the choices before you.  If you are not experiencing victory in your life, then something is wrong.  I urge you to scour this site to see the more of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Perhaps you could take your marker and mark out those things in the Bible I have said which you do not believe.  Nevertheless, the fact remains, I have been set free, healed, delivered from all curses, present and past.  I remain sane and healthy, for the most part, and there is no reason on earth that I should be able to make that claim. It was the power of the cross that did for me what years of doctors could not.  It was supernatural.


The choice of the cross and its power is going to be up to you.  Everything in the Bible either is true and from God, or NOTHING in the Bible is true.  You cannot choose the parts you like and dislike and live your life accordingly or you will not obtain complete victory.


God bless you as you rise up to believe.  Everything (not just some things) you need is at the cross whether you choose to believe it or not.





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