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Sunday, June 21 2009


Reform:  Improve by removing faults; give up bad behavior.


I don't know how many of you have heard of Martin Luther but he spearheaded a great move of God in the 16th century.  There is a movie called Luther that needs to be seen by all who are seeking the truth today.  The outspoken boldness this man possessed sparked a great reform when the Church was trying to control the weak, downtrodden and ignorant (lack of knowledge) by manipulation. 


The Church tried to guilt people into giving money, stating that the Church alone could forgive sins and set dead souls free from captivity.  These acts perpetrated by the Church were a cancer on society that needed to be cut out.  God saw what was going on and used Martin Luther to help do just that.  God always uses whom He wants in order to accomplish His divine will, whether we like it or not.  Today is no exception.  There is cancer in the Church today that needs to be cut out.


We need to understand that the basic desires, messages and principals of God NEVER change…ever.  You can find them in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.   What I find is a watered-down Gospel being taught by church leaders today.  What about Jesus telling the church leaders they were whitewashed tombs leading others to be sons of hell?  I hear firsthand that there are those who sit in churches today who are defeated.  What about the Cross that came to deliver?


There is another area that needs to be addressed.  I received a mailing from a worldwide ministry the other day.  I looked at the envelope and the Holy Spirit said to throw it away.  I thought about what was on the cover of the envelope for a while.  Throughout the day, it wouldn’t leave my heart.  As always, it got to me.  This particular ministry was asking for money to help a thirsty child in Africa.  They enclosed pictures along with their request for money showing starving, pitiful faces of little children with the caption, “Won’t you please help me bring them water?”


How dare ministries use the faces of starving, needy children in exploitation to gain money! 


Now with that being said, I am fully aware that people need help.  Helping those in need is one of the deepest concerns I have as a human being.  However, I am led only by the Holy Spirit as to who to help and when to help.  God sees what is in a ministry’s heart and I don’t.  But what was sent to me was exploitation of a defenseless child and was not, I believe, directed by God.  JWTJ has been built on FAITH.  I go to God (my source) and talk to Him about what He wants me to do and let Him bring the wisdom and the increase.  I have seen churches overlook the needy within their own congregations to give money to Africa. What is going on?   


Exploitation is coming in many forms today and it sickens me.  We think bigger, better programs, glitter, and so on will change others’ hearts, but may I say, the Holy Spirit is the only one who draws a person to the Father.   He doesn’t need a fancy building to do it.   We think we are doing God’s will but what is really going on is we are trying to be bigger and better than the next church because we incorrectly view this as a competition.   He never once said, go build a huge building and implement programs where you work yourselves to death.  My goodness! Jesus just went around without a place to even live.  We have fattened ourselves at the expense of others.  Where is our faith and our concern for our brothers right in front of our face? 


Deception is here and it is not going to leave.  You need to wake up to this.  Reformation?  We need to shake up not only the body of Christ, but also the peoples of the earth.  Christianity, in many cases, has given God a bad name and it is time to stop this.


Don’t be misled.   It is a call to arms.  I hear and see spiritual lack and thirst.  I see the hopeless and hear their hunger.  If we can’t feed our very own first, we have no business going abroad and we are going to be judged for it. People need a deliverer to guide them; they don’t need another program or building fund.  People are in lack…Wake up before it’s too late. 


Let the scriptures of God speak for themselves!




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