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Thursday, July 02 2009



Definition:  The process of dying; the state of being dead; and end; ruin.


Death…  What a scary thing to talk about.  JWTJ is here to talk about scary things so that the absolute light of the truth can be shed on them.  We are here to talk about things we have seen and things we have been taught by the Holy Spirit.  We talk about things others can’t or won’t talk about….so let us begin.


Death is the one thing that you will have to face by yourself.  It is not going to happen “two by two.”  It is probably one of the loneliest times in your state of existence here on earth but nonetheless, something we need to confront head on.  When you face something you are scared or unclear of, the bubble of fear bursts, enabling your mind and heart to deal with it properly.  


This past week we lost, several well-beloved personalities.   Not one of them was more important than another one was to God, our Father.  So why then have we felt saddened more so by the loss of Michael Jackson than the others?  What was there about Michael Jackson that overshadowed Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and Gail Storm?  What is this telling us?  Each one who died left a legacy.


Was this allowed to happen to so many well-known individuals to wake us up out of a slumber?  It certainly has caused much deep soul-searching by individuals I have been around lately.  Let me go into some detail about these issues.


Number one, were any of these people saved?  In other words, when they took their last breaths, did they go to be with Jesus in Heaven? I know for a fact because of warring in the spiritual realm, either we will go to be with God in Heaven (if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior), or we will go to hell. Make no mistake about it:  Heaven is real, hell is real, and you will go to one of them.


Secondly, I believe that these deaths have caused us to search out our own mortality.  There is nothing quite like losing someone in your same generation that causes you to think about the inevitability of your own death.  It causes you to look at yourself in the mirror and assess your own life….or have you?  It certainly made me rethink several things even as close as I try to walk with Christ in the earth.  I am not perfect and I still fail.  I constantly check myself because I can get out of line.


Also, we can see that money and fame cannot stop death.  It can’t buy you your health and happiness whatsoever.  If you don’t start to realize this, you could be spinning your wheels for the rest of your life in torment.  Seeking fame and fortune will not make you happy inside.  There is a hole that, whether you like it or not, God placed inside of you and it can only be filled with Him.  Until you do this, you will not find true peace in your heart and mind.  You won’t be able to fill it with sex, drugs, or money…period. You will still be left empty until you surrender your life to Christ whether you want to face this fact or not.


Deeds…what did these people leave as a legacy?  When you die you will leave something behind, and I am not talking about material wealth.  I am talking about your name.  Did you leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth?  Did people see you as someone who did the right things, honored your family, and helped the poor and needy?  What kind of name are you going to leave behind when you die?


Funny how we as a society of people will seem to glorify someone in death even if they did really bad stuff….but God doesn’t and you will be judged for what you have done here on earth.  You need to realize this.


Death will be the beginning of eternity in Heaven or hell for each soul on this earth. You will be rewarded for what you have done here, whether you believe it or not.  Your eternity will be what God deems it to be, not man, and you need to come to terms with this.  You could end up in hell with no way out.  The choice is yours.  If the recent demise of some very well- known individuals hasn’t gotten to you, what is it going to take?






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