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Friday, July 10 2009

We are in a very odd time in our history.  Many things are happening that cannot be explained, or can they? 


Society overall believes God does exist.  All the statistics point to that fact.  Nevertheless, to believe in an actual devil, well, that is a stretch for a lot of us. I understand this thinking because I felt the same way.  However, I can tell you that something dark was after me all of my life and I was being stopped from accomplishing much of anything.  I knew nothing of the devil, Satan, Lucifer or whatever name you call him, until I came into the light.  I was covered in a cloud that wouldn’t seem to ever leave.  There are those of us who really do believe in God.  But, we still have a hard time believing in Satan.


I was put in the situation of watching a movie this past week that, frankly, I would not have ordinarily watched.  The movie I am talking about is called Twilight.  You might be gasping right now wondering why I would watch that movie.  I think that one of the biggest strongholds we have as proclaimed followers of Jesus is that we try to be so “squeaky-clean” it turns others off, making us unable to reach those who need our help.  I am of a different mold.  I need to know what is going on so I can not only intelligently discuss it but also stand against it for the sake of those who need me to.  I would not go to see a movie like Hangover because of its apparently disgusting content I was told about.  I will draw a line.  However, movies like these need to be exposed for what they truly are in order to inform people of the cunning, deceptive ways of Satan.     


Twilight is one of the most overpowering movies I have seen in quite a while.  I still haven’t gotten over it.  The male lead was mesmerizing in his ability to draw you into his world.  I was struck.  The movie was about good and bad vampires.  The tales I grew up with in regard to so-called vampires were mild in terms of the storyline. All you had to do (and this was some early movie work) was hold up a cross (good thing!) and drive a stake through the heart of the vampire in order to kill it.  I even believe that a couple of movies used the name of Jesus in killing the vampires. (The best recourse we all have!) 


I can see where Satan will use this movie to entice others into believing that all of the vampire stuff, which will lead to other dark things, is acceptable. This movie was made as a romantic tale (which we all love) and it sucked you right in.  The male lead of the movie falls in love with a girl, assuring her he will use his will power not to harm her.  He tells her he has been searching for someone like her all of his life.  He had powers that were superhuman.  He was a more “refined” vampire who would only use the blood of animals to live.  So, that is not so bad is it?  It is not like killing people.  There were other instances in the movie where they tried to show the vampire to have human tendencies in an effort to elicit sympathy for this character. That is how Satan can twist your thinking.  His ways can be subtle, yet effective.     


In one scene he referred to himself and the girl as “The Lion and the Lamb.”  This is taken straight from the Word of God.   The vampires in older movies couldn't come out in the daylight at all.   This was not the case for the new version of vampires.  The vampires of Twilight could come out in the day but not in the sunlight.  The twist is when the sunlight hit him, he appeared to be covered with diamonds.  Lucifer had jewels all over him and was a worshiping angel. There are different angels and different demons.  He was the most beautiful angel God created (Ezekiel 14-17). His pride convinced him that he could overthrow God.  So God had to deal with him and hurled him to earth.  He is called the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2). His destiny is set and he will burn in the lake of fire forever at the close of this earth, as we know it.  Until then, he wreaks havoc in people’s lives and most don’t know it (Rev. 20:10).  Satan plants the seed in a mind and heart and then builds on that.  He wants to be God so he tries to imitate God and His ways, making you think it is good, when a closer examination will reveal the truth. The movie industry has taken some of the text of the Bible and twisted it so that weak minds are opened to the darkness. 


I have heard believers say, “We already know the end of the Bible and we win.”  This attitude causes them to be defeated by Satan feeling they don’t have to do anything else in their lives to fight him.  Others say, “Satan is under your feet!” Well, yes, he is and he can be but you have to do something about keeping him there.  YOU are responsible for rebuking, casting out and pleading the blood of Christ.  YOU have been given the divine authority by Jesus to do this.  Satan will gain entrance into a life any way he can and this movie was a covering for his wiley ways. 


We are not using our divine rights as God’s children.  We end up being defeated in so many areas because we don’t know what to do.  We have been lulled to sleep by the beautiful, deceptive devil and we don’t even know it.  He has done his job well and I am here to unveil him. There are some Pastors who stand behind the pulpit and say there is no Satan.  Hosea 4:6 says, “My people (which includes Pastors) are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  I am here to testify to you that Satan is real.


One of two things is happening in your life right now.  You are either walking with Satan or you are walking with Christ.  There is no in-between.  You cannot ride the fence.  Those days are long over.  Jesus and the original twelve disciples fought Satan on the earth.  So will you if you are trying to follow Christ.  Demons don’t go away.  The demons of the Bible days are the demons that are here today.  You have the God-given authority to take care of them through the anointing of Christ.  It is the only way to get rid of them. 


If you think there isn’t a devil, then he has you just where he wants you.  It is time for a great awakening in this earth to the fact that Satan is real and he is leading and wooing others very cunningly and deceptively.  You need to learn what is going on. Don’t shut your eyes and your heart off any longer.  A lot of what you are going through could very well be coming from Satan.  If you think he isn’t real, then you are being deceived.  Twilight = Darkness.  Don’t you get it?  Satan is known as “The Prince of Darkness” and Jesus is known as “The Light.”  He is known as “The Prince of Peace.”  You will never get the true victory and peace in your life until you come to terms with this truth.  Money won’t do it.  Sex won’t do it.  Drinking won’t do it and drugs won’t do it.  Is there anything else you strive after?  Well, that won’t do it either.  Only “The True Light” of Christ will reveal the darkness for what it is.  You can face it or not.  Stop going to the twilight and come into the light so you can see clearly.  Your very state of existence will depend on it.  And you know one thing is clear:  We, as followers of Christ, need “the Blood” to be made new again.  We need “The Blood” to have a new life where we can live for eternity and be rewarded for what we have done on earth but we don’t have to suck others to death to get it.


It is the draw to the dark side that makes you think that evil is good.  This was only a movie but when real evil presents itself, there is no ability to discern right from wrong unless you know the difference, having been trained in the ways of the Lord.  If evil becomes good in your thinking, then the trap is set and it is easier for Satan to sway you.  He only needs a little opening to entice you.  He will use whatever is your weakest link to do that….He does not care and he has no regard for human life.  His ways are evil and he will come to you wrapped up as a very handsome man, a beautiful woman or he will dangle riches in front of you to get you off course.  How are you going to know the difference?        


…and by the way, there are no such things as vampires but there are demons and there is a devil, whether you want to believe it or not.





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