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 The Shoes 

 There were a pair of shoes that were once brand new.

As the years rolled by, the shoes became worn down.

The shoes started to sort of slant to one side, causing a lot of trouble... they were just tired.

They walked miles and miles, searching for someone to help them.

They looked for a place to get fixed, a place to kick back and relax and take a breath.

They walked down sidewalks miles and miles searching but they weren't sure what for.

One day they ran into a set of footprints.  They stopped.

Where were they going, wondered the pair of shoes?

They started following the footprints.

It was wet and muddy and dark and cold but the shoes kept following the footprints.

It was lonely through the muck and mire but then they passed the troubled waters to a higher ground where the sun started to shine on them.

The shoes finally dried out.

Suddenly, they remembered the footprints.   Where were they?  They looked all around but could not find the footprints.

But, they felt better than they had in a very long time.  They looked down and saw that both of their soles were the same again. They weren't slanting to one side any longer.  How did this happen wondered the shoes?

They looked all around and tried to find the set of footprints to say thank you for the new soles, but the footprints were nowhere to be found.

They finally let it go because it was time to move on.

The shoes felt better for the first time in years and they looked good too!

They were not afraid to keep walking through life anymore. 

Somehow they just knew if they needed help again, the footprints would find them.

They didn't need to know how.

So they kicked up their heels and started walking though life as if they were brand spanking new, ready for whatever was before them.

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