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 Why "Another View" Webcast? 

I have been listening to a religious radio show host. I like some of the things he says even if I don’t agree with them all. As I had him tuned in one day, he was discussing with his audience the topic of euthanasia. He named a popular television show that posed the question of whether or not we have a right to let someone die by injection, known as active euthanasia. The four or five women on this show brought the topic to the roundtable discussion. The result of this, according to the radio host, was that most were in favor of euthanasia. The doctor who spearheaded the modern euthanasia movement will go unnamed. He is known as Doctor Death.


Not at first but within about fifteen minutes or so, this discussion really started to bother me. The more I thought about it and the more I talked about it to God, the more I got upset.  I was sickened in my stomach to think that millions of individuals are literally taking to heart what these few women say on national television. Some people then use the information given as a basis for what they believe, because after all, aren’t they listening to the voices of “intelligent” and “informed” individuals?  I don’t feel this way about it and I know others don’t either. We don’t hear two or three sides to this issue; we are only hearing one viewpoint and in America, this needs to cease. I believe that you should give people another choice or another view and let them decide, but who is out there doing that? In this particular show, if there is a disagreement, yelling ensues and tempers flare. Some folks regard well-known celebrities as possessing great knowledge and their opinions are highly regarded. It is time for a change.   


So “Another View” was birthed, so to speak, because of a radio show that featured proponents of the right-to-die argument. As far as I know, nothing on television was ever said about souls. Nothing was said about making certain individuals are saved so they won’t go to hell. Nothing was ever said about divine healing. Nothing was ever said about God’s will being administered through a person having “reaped what they have sown” in the earth. No divine perspective was given.  


“Another View” attempts to put the choices before you so you can decide for yourself and your own life. Each day we all have choices to make but from what I am seeing and hearing, we are mainly making them from our human viewpoint and reasoning. Quite frankly, I don’t think we know there is another option. Even if we are just “seekers,” the truth is what sets a man free and the truth needs to be given and brought to the forefront. 





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