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 How Was Your Day?  

How Was Your Day?


How was your day?  My husband asks me that when we see each other every evening.  Some people reply same ole, same ole.  My husband will be sarcastic and say, “Just peachy.  It couldn’t have been any better.”  We all have our good days and bad days.  I think that some people think that once you are saved, things are great all the time.  Unfortunately, Satan wants you even more now.  He will do anything in his power to complicate your life. 


I was just emailing my friend and I said that I wish that my road in this life was straight and had a scenic view on both sides.  Can’t you just imagine it?  There would be palm trees or fruit trees on both sides.  I would be riding in my mustang convertible with the top down.  The wind would be blowing my hair all around.  All I could see was the beautiful horizon ahead.  Blue, I think it is blue like the sky or maybe blue like the ocean.  Well let me wake up to reality!  When God came into my life, He didn’t promise me a hassle free life but He did promise eternal life.  In order to get there, you have to continue to grow.  In order to grow, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk as they say.  You have lessons and tasks that He gives you to learn from. It just seems that sometimes my road is like the yellow brick road.  I have to go through that scary forest with all the mean trees.  Remember?  What we need to remember is that Oz was at the end of the road and our God in Heaven is at the end of our road.  There will be palm trees and fruit trees but unfortunately there will be some rotten fruit in those trees. 


God is here for us.  All we have to do is talk to Him.  I talk to Him everywhere and it is such a great feeling to have someone listen.  Satan is on my back 24/7 anymore.  God knows that but we have to presevere.  I think of how Jesus was down here and what He had to go through. It upsets me when someone hurts my feelings.  After all, I am a sensitive person.  Jesus must have cried many a tear with all that was said and done to Him.  Someone says boo to me and I cry.  He was NAILED to a cross.  Hello!  


If I have to continue to drive or walk the winding road to see my God in Heaven, that is what I will do.  I will have my ups and downs.  I will have my issues.  I will cry once in awhile and I will have my bad days.  However, in the long run, I will have done my duty for my God and I will be blessed.  Never fear, God is here!  How was your day?


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