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to Motivational Devotionall with Heavenly Poems

(Project is now in the editing stage and coming Summer of 2024!)

My psychiatrist suggested I consider shock treatments. After several years of what seemed would be endless weekly counseling sessions, medications, and more clinical diagnoses (Bipolar, Agoraphobia, and/or?!) I conceded. I trusted the man who had saved me from myself, and I was done with the torment inside while trying to keep a 24-hour smile, pretending my life was peachy keen. I had all the components to live “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but something inside did not match up to the big screen. He carefully explained that while I was placed under local anesthesia, he would attach electrodes to my head and change my brain wave patterns through shock therapy.

I had been raised in Sunday School and Church (I lived right across the alley from it), but no one told me about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and gaining victory, no one. While in the hospital, a relative brought me a copy of a Daily Devotional. This little book brought “heaven down to earth” to me for the first time in my life. Overcoming engrained demonic strongholds through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit has been nothing short of miraculous, but I had to do my part.

Early on in my journey, I learned to have a pen and paper nearby. As I would seek the Lord quietly every day, many times in the middle of the night, the Holy Spirit would pour a poem, play, or blog into my heart. Before Christ, all I liked to write were checks!

It is an honor and privilege for us to bring to you decades' worth of “walking through” with the Holy Spirit day by day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading our first Motivational Devotional with Heavenly Poems.

Susan and Molly

Real life, Real Truth, and Real Jesus!

Disclaimer: Capital “H” is used consistently throughout the devotional, denoting God, Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit. After all He has done for Susan and me, how could we not possibly give Him this honor?     



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