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I raised my hand to Heaven at 39 years old and said, “God, if you are really real, please help me ‘cause I don’t want to live down here like this anymore, and I will be damned to hell if my daughter’s life is going to end up like mine.” Those words changed my life forever. Little did I know what lay ahead of me. 

I was so busy “ doing” life, or what I knew of how to do life, that God couldn’t reach me. He had to bring me to a place that made me even want to listen. In this place, for some reason, I started to write down my thoughts. I had seen other people on TV do it, and I thought, well, it just looks like something that I want or need to do. (God can reach you any way He needs to for His will to come forth in your life.) I didn’t know how long I would do it or what would become of it. At that time, I didn’t do anything for any real length of time. Oh, yes, I would start something new, get very excited about the possibilities, but I wouldn’t stay with it for long. 
After my plea to Heaven, my whole life started changing. This section of the Web site is devoted to the poetry I have written. Now, many people might not like poetry but don’t scoff! Honestly, you are not alone. However, one thing I have learned from God is that you have no clue what is hidden deep within you. God tells us that rivers of living water will flow out of us. When I started journaling my thoughts down and just being quiet with the Lord, poems began to come out. Believe you me, I was amazed. No one could have been more surprised. Deep down within me, lyrics started flowing out like a river. 
I liken it to a box of Cracker Jacks. Hidden down within us God puts a prize or prizes unique unto us only. He will not allow us to dump the box full of corn and nuts in a bowl and grab the prize. The award comes as we spend quiet time with Him…one on one. As you do, He will bring out the prize deep within. It will feel as though it will gush out of you at times. He brought out of me more than I ever knew. What about you? What kind of prize has He put inside of you that is unique unto just you? Aren’t you curious to find out? When you are still before the Lord, you don’t know what kind of waters will flow out of you. 
Here are several poems I have written and been fortunate enough to have published.




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