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 Making a Change 

Making a Change

When I first started to get serious about my walk with Jesus, I would read two chapters of my Bible a day.  To read my Bible and really get into it, I have to focus only on it.  That means no television and no noise.  It has to be full dedication.  Well, two chapters became easy but to feed my spirit, I needed more.  I went to two chapters in the morning and two chapters in the evening.  I also was saying my prayers in the morning before work and whenever I felt that I should during my workday.  I began to feel the need to not only pray before I came to bed but to start praising God for what He has done in my life already.

Your spiritual life changes.  I have had many changes.  I just know when it is time to do something different.  I feel inside that I need more and it is time to make the change.

Now I read my Bible at night and watch TBN(Christian TV) before going to work in the morning.  I was trying to do both and getting nothing from it.  How can you listen and read at the same time and grasp what God is trying to give you?  Six months ago, you couldn't make me watch TBN.  Now I watch it every morning.  That half hour is the most peaceful, relaxing time of the day because my spirit is getting fed.

Make the changes that you need to keep God fresh in your life.  If you are not sure what changes need to be made, ask Him.  He will let you know.

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