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 Praying Your Day Through 
Praying Your Day Through
I had a hard time with this. I didn’t quite know how to go about it. Not the praying part but feeling guilty about praying everything over and over again everyday. Doesn’t God just get sick of hearing from me? I would whine, whine, and whine. If I were He, I would say, “Get over it.” I have a very loving and patient God and HE is here for me and for you.
There are times that the only way that I can get through my day is to pray it through. That means down on my knees in the morning to down on my knees at night. Every step that I take I need God’s arm to hang on to.
I pray that He will be with me. I pray that I can control my mouth. I pray that He will help me control my anger. I pray that I am a better person.
He sustains me. He is there for me and I know that He will help me through anything. He will for you too. Just pray.

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