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I have had a tough road to haul lately. We all have been through things. Some things are really worse than others. Though I must say, the thing that you are going through right now is the worst thing in the world to you. I stand on the word and my prayers that things will come out ok and I know they will. I believe that God will be there for me no matter what.
I am the type of person that takes everything personally. My job, my home, my activities are very important to me. If something happens and something is said, I take it personally and I will dwell on it for what seems forever. I do not like anyone to think badly of me or to think that I would do something intentionally to hurt someone. I work hard and always give my all. What is happening to you today is as important to you as this problem is to me. I then hear about someone that recently has passed on. She was only 39. Boy, does that hit home!..I wonder if she had children. Someone is grieving today. I have a friend who is going through something big with their child. It could alter this child’s whole future forever. My sister has a mass but they think that it will be ok. She has been told to come back in a couple of weeks to see how it is. How big and bad is my problem now?
We, as Christians, can put an end to our problems. We have a say in our lives by the way we lead them. If we take it to God and lay it out in front of Him, He will take it from us. I know and practice this but then I have a habit of dwelling on the very things I have taken to God. I lay it down and then I pick it up. I eventually give it back to Him but what a waste of time. He would have handled it if I had just let it go. We stop all of God’s work every time that we mess with what we have already given to Him. It is hard and I know this. I struggle with this and I am still struggling with my problem because I just won't let go. It is my fault, not His. I told my mother today that I am weary. My answer from God was Matthew 11:28. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” He answers when we ask but you have to listen. Why does it take so long to just listen? I have often said that I listen but can’t hear Him. I am told that I must not be listening hard enough. I also have to shut up and be quiet to listen.
I have talked to everyone who will listen to me about my problem and they all say the same thing: Pray, be steadfast and it will be ok. The bottom line is to leave it with God and He will take care of the rest. You and I need to start doing this beginning now...

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