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 Review of The Stained Glass Window 

When God puts someone in your life to tell you who he is, listen.

I was introduced to Molly Painter about five years ago. We met at a salon where she worked. I did not know it at the time, but the Lord led me there. I had been warned about Molly early on and told to watch out for her because all she did was talk about the Lord. I laughed and said, “That’s okay; she will not bother me. I will just nod my head and act like I care what she is talking about.”

To make a long story short, she ended up asking to me attend one of her Bible study groups. I did not know the Lord then and did not intend to get to know him. From time to time in my life, I had prayed to the Lord when I needed something—just in case. I had never believed in anything I could not see, including God and the devil. After all, if there was a hell, I believed it existed here on earth, and I had been there more than once. Where had God been when I needed him most? I had given up on the Lord long ago.

Frankly, I was miffed when she asked me to join her meeting. I accepted her offer out of a misplaced sense of guilt, and I knew it would be a one-shot deal and I would never be back. It was an offer that saved my life. Little did I know what the Lord had planned.

During the course of the meeting, which probably lasted a couple of hours, I heard things, experienced things, and felt things to which I had never been accustomed in my life. When she spoke about the things of God, something in me stirred. I felt exhilarated, and I wanted more.

Being in her presence that night was indescribably peaceful and euphoric. I did not know much about who the Lord was, but he let me know that very night. The Lord God’s hand rests firmly upon Molly Painter, his breath is in her ear, and he speaks through her. That meeting was nearly four years ago, and it saved my life.

My point in telling you briefly about my early meeting with Molly is to tell you that God put her in my life to prove to me that he is real. I am a witness to some of the things she tells of here, and I have been around her enough to know that supernatural occurrences happen when anyone is around her.

I challenge you to read this book from cover to cover because you are about to embark on a journey that will change your perspective on who you think the Lord is and what you think he is capable of doing. Some of you already know. A number of you will know that what is described in these pages is the truth. Some readers will be appalled and mortified by instances that occurred in Molly’s life; disbelief will fill others’ hearts. Still, a great many will be able to identify because of what has happened in their own lives. Know that you are not alone.

Molly writes with unashamed frankness about things most would never admit to doing or going through. She shares chapters in her life that include agonizing and unbearable episodes that would have taken a lesser person under. However, she understands with remarkable clarity the calling on her life and why the Lord has placed her here. She has had to go through these things in order to let others know what the power of God can do for them in their lives and, first and foremost, that God is real. Her life has truly been one of sacrifice and obedience.

Thank you, Molly, good and faithful servant of the Lord. This book was not an easy task, but what you write here will undeniably bring hope to the multitudes.

In closing, my advice to those of you who will read Molly’s story is this: When God puts someone in your life to tell you who he is, listen.

Katie Altobellis, a follower of Christ

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