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Excerpt from The Stained Glass Window    

Right before the summer of 2009, I was walking around in my apartment and the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “You are going to be given an apparition.” I had no clue what I was going to see or how it was going to manifest.

The ministry group was disbanding one Monday, and one of the attendees picked up a see-through frame that contained several different progressive sonograms of my yet to be born grandson, J.C. For weeks, these pictures had been sitting on the table and I would show them to anyone who was interested.

This particular attendee stood there staring and said, “Have you noticed the face on this photograph?” I took a closer look. It took me a few seconds but a face came into view and it was burned across the left side of the baby’s most recent shot. That face had not been there previously. My heart was racing as I told the group that the Holy Spirit had spoken to me of an apparition. I was dumbfounded, to say the least. Upon further inspection of the picture, I saw another face burned on the right side that looked like a pig’s face. I took in a deep breath and didn’t say anything at first glance. Then I said, “This looks like a demon to me.”

The woman who had pointed out the first face said, “I saw it too, but I didn’t want to say anything.”

I was in complete shock and stood there for a few more moments unable to move. I gathered my things and left with everyone else to run some ministry errands. I got into the car, buckled up, and the Shroud of Turin came on my heart. I had no doubt what I was being told. I could hardly wait to get home and get on the Internet. It didn’t take me long to find a site with a picture of the Shroud on it. I downloaded it and took a deep gasp. The face was elongated and similar in appearance to the picture on the front of J.C.’s sonogram. The following week, I really couldn’t wait to show everyone who had become a part of this ministry. They too agreed it was the same face. The face was the face of Christ.

Knowing full well those two faces were not on that particular photograph when Dara had given it to me, I was still somewhat in shock. Through prayer, I was given instructions by the Holy Spirit to go to my daughter’s house to reveal my discovery. Dara is not easily moved by anything spiritual, but after looking at this particular sonogram picture, she couldn’t deny seeing the face on the left side of the picture and seeing the demon face. I then delivered the word I was given by God to tell her about J.C.

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