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The God List

There are so many lists that we make in our lives.  How many have we started and then threw away, only to make another?

There are wish lists, guest lists and grocery lists.  A list of favorite baby names, a list of chores and sometimes we are on the waiting list.  Santa even has a list.  Either you are good or you are bad on his list.  Does God have a list?  What kind of list would it be?  Would there be a good person or bad person list?  I want to be on the God woman list.  I want to have a couple of gold stars next to my name.  I want to find favor with Him.

I try so hard everyday to be a good person.  I pray everyday to keep my big mouth shut and be a good Christian.  I want to be a God woman.  I want to be at the top of His list right there with you.

People say that they cannot think of anything nice to say about someone.  She isn't a very nice person.  She doesn't listen.  She continues to talk right over top of what I am saying.  She is always negative.  Nothing positive comes out of her mouth.  Blah, blah, blah.  She is always picking on someone.  Have you prayed for her?  I thought that there are scriptures in the Bible that say to pray for your enemies.  Have you tried it?  Instead of complaining about her, pray for her.  It is your obligation.  You are a Christian and know better.  If I was that person, I would want you to pray for me.  Wouldn't you?  Let's be God people.  God men.  God women.  Pray today so that more unhappy people can be happy in Christ just like us.  Let's get them on His list.  How about it?      

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