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The Menu
When you look at a menu in a restaurant, there are always so many selections to make. You can start out with an appetizer or have a cup of soup or salad. Then the main course comes, which some people call the entrée, but my favorite is the dessert. There is also an order to things. You start with the appetizer and end up with a nice, fattening dessert.
It is the same way in getting to know God. You start out with a little appetizer. Maybe you heard about Him at vacation bible school as a child or in Sunday school. Then you get to know him a little more at a revival service. The meat and potatoes or entrée come later when you start getting into the word and watching speakers on television. Of course, ultimately, you get your nice fattening dessert, your salvation.
Everything has its order and so does your salvation. Even though we would love to skip the healthy salad or soup and jump to dessert, it isn’t right. You can’t skip your learning from the word and expect to know what Jesus would do in situations. As babies do, you start with the milk and work your way to the meat. Strawberry cheesecake sure sounds good to me but so does being with God in heaven for the rest of eternity. Mmmmmmm….

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