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 The Race 
The Race
I love Nascar. I have my favorite driver, my favorite car and my favorite track. I just beam when they interview my driver on television and cheer him on to win the race. I have the top of my dresser full of his memorabilia. Chocolate race cars, ticket stubs of past races, a bumper sticker, a remote control race car, hats, shirts and sweatshirts are all prized possessions of mine.
There is always one winner and forty-two losers. Everyone wants to win and they try everything to accomplish this. Do you?
They change parts and crew chiefs. They come up with different strategies to include how they can make their car faster. They have to rely on their spotters and crew chiefs to help them see what is ahead. They go into a curve and never let off of the gas. They hold it wide open and floor it. Do you? Do you rely on God to help you see what is ahead and help you through your tough corners?
I can kind of compare it to my walk with God. I am in the driver’s seat with my helmet on and buckled into place. God is my crew chief and they say, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” My engine fires up. Does yours? It is time to race.
Are you ready to get your engine fired up and race? Are you ready to win God’s race? Don’t you want the big trophy? I do. I want it all. The checkered flag is down…who will be the winner?

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