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 What Is YOUR Excuse? 

What Is YOUR Excuse?

I have had many excuses and reasons that seemed plausible at the time for me about tithing.  At first, well, I just basically ignored those scriptures.  I just figured if I didn't understand it, it didn't apply to me.  Then I got to thinking that it just wasn't fair that God wanted 10% of my gross income.  Well for goodness sake!!!  I didn't bring that amount home.  How could He possibly want money that never made it into my bank account?  How is that fair?  How can I pay my bills and buy the things that I want if I tithed?  Something was eating at me about it.  So, I decided that I would tithe only off my net income.  Well, let's face it.  I will be covered according to the scriptures, right? 

 But my husband's income, well that was his problem.  The only problem with that was that he had NO idea what tithing was.  Was it fair to use his money for income and make him accountable for his tithes if he was in the dark about it all?  That wasn't my problem.  I was covered.  Again, knowing better, I decided to do the right thing and I started tithing 10% on every bit of money that comes into the house.  That includes Christmas money, birthday money, tips, etc.etc....In the memo of my check I keep track of everything I get and then add it up at the end of the week.  Every Friday, God gets HIS check.  Do you think that it is easy?  No way.  Someone said to me that I must have a lot of faith to do something like that.

Yes, I have a lot of faith but I also wanted to do my part so He can do His part.  I have been greatly rewarded for my obedience. 

You have to decide in your own lives what you want.  Do you want your lives to stay the same day in and day out?  Do you want more?  Are you happy?  Read the scriptures; do the right thing OR

What is YOUR excuse?



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