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Wednesday, November 28 2012

Do you ever come across people or a certain person who seem to bring you down continually?  Is it hard to go to work everyday knowing that your happiness may go down the tubes?  Are you having a great day and then someone cuts you off in traffic or you come home to a mess that someone made and should have cleaned up?


Well, let me tell you a story about JOY.  My friend and I have issues like all of you.  I told her that we need to start carrying our JOY in our back pockets.  In carrying our JOY in our back pockets, we have to make an honest effort to not let anyone steal our JOY.  Now that is a tough thing.  Let’s face it.  For every kind person, unfortunately, there are 5 mean, hateful people who really want to steal your JOY.  I would look in my back pocket at the end of the day and sometimes my JOY was there and sometimes it was just OY.  My thinking is that when your JOY becomes just Y, you begin to think WHY am I here and WHY am I doing this?  It frustrates me at times and makes me mad because the devil is winning.  What right does he have to my JOY?


My new thing is that I am not going to let the devil win.  Is it going to be a struggle?  Well, of course.  He really tries to make my life miserable.  Doesn’t he do that to you also?  We need to take control of the issues.  Use the ten second rule of waiting ten seconds before you answer anyone.  Make sure that it is what God would want you to say.  Guard your JOY and be proud of yourself that you have come home with JOY in your pocket and in your heart.  Remember though, you will have those days that you end up with just OY or Y but God is with you through it all.  HE loves us all and he is Y we are all here.  Love to you all!

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Wednesday, November 21 2012

Well, let me think.  What am I thankful for?  That is a good question.  I think that sometimes it is easy to just receive things and go on with our lives.  We really don't have to utter a word of gratitude.  I watched a lady today bark at a waitress for another cup of coffee and not even utter the words thank you.  How many times do I receive something that I have either asked for or just gotten and never thanked God for it?  I told myself this morning that it is time for me to thank God for things when I pray before I start asking for more things.

Well, then I got to thinking of how thankful I really am. Many parents say to be thankful for the food on your plate and eat up because some children have no food to eat tonight.  I often stand in the shower and thank God for the hot water.  Somethings we just plain take for granted.  I am thankful for my job, my car, my home, my healthy family and my loving husband.  I thank Him for the sunshine, the rain when needed, the spring flowers, the chirping birds early in the morning and my ears to hear them.  What would I do without a hot cup of coffee in the morning, mail without bills, gas for my car as the prices keep going up, a needed hug or a kiss on the cheek just to say I love you?  I am thankful for a bed to sleep on, clothes to put on my back, eyeglasses so I can see and the air so I can breathe.  How blessed I am that I got the opportunity to move south to the beach that I can go to everyday.  Not many people can say that.  I have 5 fingers, 5 toes, 1 head, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 big mouth, 2 arms and 2 legs.  They are all working and I am thankful for that.  I can go to God anytime and have someone to talk to.  How many people have no air conditioning, no heat, no applicances, no washer and dryer and no running water?

It is easy to just say thank you and yet, we forget to.  Nowadays, it is just nice to hear those words.  I imagine that God feels the same way.  Thank you, God for a good nights sleep.  Thank you, God for letting me be here another day.  Thank you, God for being there for me.  Take the time as you sit here today and think of the things that you are thankful for.  It will make you smile.  We are so blessed and don't even know it.  Thank God for the small things and who knows, maybe there are big things coming in your future.  Thank God!


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Tuesday, November 20 2012
My best friend is always there for me.
My best friend loves me very much.
My best friend listens to me.
My best friend is interested in my life.
My best friend never lets me down.
My best friend holds my hand to help me along.
My best friend cries with me.
My best friend puts me first.
My best friend likes to see me smile.
My best friend consoles me.
My best friend laughs with me, not at me.
My best friend goes with me everywhere.
My best friend keeps me warm.
My best friend watches over me.
My best friend is JESUS.
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Friday, November 16 2012
What have you done for Jesus today? Yesterday? Have you given your money, your time, your listening ear or your open arms for a hug needed? It takes you to give and then He will give.
My whole life I’ve taken and taken. I have prayed about it, received it and taken it. Now it is time to return it.
Somewhere in your family, church, work, or community, somewhere, someone needs something.
I have always been fearful about having enough money. I cannot give because I cannot pay the bills. What would happen if I couldn’t make the house payment because I gave to God or someone that needed it? It has taken me several years to figure out that if I give either with my time or offering, He makes sure that my bills are paid. You have to realize that the only reason that you have money to pay your bills is because God gave you your job to make the money. He is there for you but in order to receive you have to give. Pray about this today and give back some of what was given to you. Plant your seed and watch it grow.
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Friday, November 09 2012
What do you do when you don’t really know what to do? I can sit here and tell you that all you have to do is pray about it and the answer will pop right into the air like in the cartoons. But it just doesn’t quite happen that way.
I can also tell you that if you are anything like me, you sit and stew about it. In fact you dwell on it. It consumes you. You cannot think of anything else. That tactic doesn’t get you anywhere. We will continue to do this until we surrender it all to Jesus. The thing is that we can dwell on it, be consumed by it and even pray about it, but if we cannot give it all to Him, then we might as well just deal with it. It is hard to give everything over to Jesus. If you think about it, it is easy to say, but how many people actually do it? I mean surrender it ALL. That means giving it ALL up and not taking it back. It is over. It is finished. Your pain, your money problems, your family and work issues are all given over to Jesus and He will take care of it all. It is that simple but we just don’t do it.
Why don’t we just do it? Why do we continue to talk about it and have issues with it? Do we want to do this for the rest of our lives here on earth? No, but I think that we just don’t have the concept or belief that it will be done when we get rid of it all. Turn it over, get rid of it…surrender it.
In my life, I have dealt with a lot on my own. I like to control it if I can but if I can’t oh, Boy!!!! God wants you to give up that control and feel free to live for Jesus. If you are truly walking with Jesus, you will do it because it will set you free to be with Him. Let Jesus handle the problems. Let Jesus control your life…and live free.
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Thursday, November 01 2012

Are you shepherding your flock?  As a shepherd, do you not have responsibilites?

We must be fed.  We must have water.  We must be watched and kept safe.  We must be disciplined.

We are hungry and thirsty.  Please feed me until I am full.  Though just to let you know, I am never full.  I could be fed night and day.  I never seem to get enough.  I need more.  I need fed so that I can grow...grow with God.

I am still a little lamb that needs your guidance.  Discipline me in God's word.  I need to know the rules.  If you don't teach me the rules, who will?  I need to know the truth.  Please don't let me stray.  Keep a watchful eye on me.  Isn't it your job?  Isn't it your responsibility?  When you sleep, I wander away.  I feel so lost.  Where are you?  I need your direction.  Please take care of me.  I rely on you.  When you put on your cloak and grab your staff, you are in charge.  Take charge.

I need to trust you.  My life is in your hands.  You could lead me anywhere and I would follow you, for I am just a lamb.  You would never want to hurt me, would you?

Please do your job because my life depends on it.


Baa Baa

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