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Thursday, January 31 2013

I think we should be careful when we use the title “hero” to assess another’s accomplishments and to denote how we feel about them.  Too often, when we become carried away, what we really end up feeling is that they are “gods” and can do no wrong.

The origin of the word hero comes from a Greek word that means “warrior” or “defender” and according to means “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.”

I do believe that the Lord has raised up particular people on this earth bestowing upon them exceptional gifts in order to be used as role models.  As far as I am concerned, that concept is biblical in origin.  However, where we begin to have trouble with those we consider a hero is that often, we become too extreme in our feelings and then end up putting them on a pedestal.  They, in turn, begin to fall for the hype you, the media and I have created.  The result is that we castigate them for being less than a “perfect” person when they display failings in any area of their lives. 

Lance Armstrong is but the latest in the string of celebrities who has fallen victim to an image that the world created and when he fell, it was with a resounding thud.  He is, however, not entirely to blame. 

I believe there are people put on this earth who are given exceptional abilities but are gifted only to be mentors, giving hope and inspiration for others in their own lives.  Too often, however, our feelings border on obsession and then, somehow, we forget that they are only like the rest of us¯imperfect¯but then we rake them over the coals when they disappoint us.

Lance and others were wrong to take God-given talents and abuse them; plain and simple.  The deceit is almost incomprehensible but…he survived cancer and his foundation has raised much for cancer research.  He tumbled down the hill but have mercy¯he is only human. And look what his foundation has done for humankind.

Katie Altobellis 


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Thursday, January 17 2013

Since Washington’s time, there has been a constitutional requirement that the President of the United States take an oath or affirmation before beginning the execution of his office, declaring that he will faithfully fulfill his duties as president.

When he is sworn in on January 21st, President Obama will use two Bibles, one that was owned by Lincoln and the other a “traveling Bible” used by Martin Luther King during this ceremony.  Though not a novel idea, three past presidents took oaths using multiple Bibles.  However, it will hold a highly symbolic meaning bringing to remembrance the equality issue both men struggled with as leaders.

Originally, Atlanta pastor, Louie Giglio, was fingered by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to deliver the invocation at the president’s inauguration (customarily done by clergy).  Reverend Giglio has been around a while and a cause near to his heart is combating human trafficking.  He recently raised over 3 million dollars toward this effort and this was a big part of why he was invited to give the prayer.  

Then a liberal website by the name of Think Progress posted an audio of a sermon Giglio gave 15-20 years ago where he called homosexuality a sin.  Think Progress called his sermon “vehemently anti-gay” and then, the PIC back peddled when they caught wind of the sermon and stated they were unaware of Giglio’s stance when he was chosen.  They said his position did “not reflect our desire to celebrate the strength and diversity of our county at this Inaugural.”

The purpose of this blog is not to do battle over homosexuality.  Giglio simply declared a viewpoint, something he knows to be true, and said it and he ultimately stepped back from giving the invocation; who knows, perhaps done under advisement from the Lord. 

The definition of an affirmation is to assert that something exists or is true.  So, I would like to ask the president what it means to him when he puts his hand on a Bible.  What do you declare to be true and whom are you trying to please, man or God?

Katie Altobellis 

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Thursday, January 10 2013

I may be more “old school” than most of you who read this website but when I was growing up, females were not expected to do anything but grow up, get married and have children.  Nothing else much was expected of them.  Those are not undesirable accomplishments, but many of us were never encouraged to pursue a professional life.  Thank goodness, things have drastically changed and women now hold high and important positions in corporate America.  But there still is somewhat of a stigma on those who are unmarried to do so or you are somehow less of a person because you need a “better half.” 


 There were nearly 100,000 unmarried people in the United States and there is a plethora of online dating sites poised to let you that without their services, you will remain “alone and lonely.”


The impetus behind this blog is when I hear or read advertisements for these sites (many of them Christian) they imply that they will help you find the right mate, that they can create the long term relationship you need and your “perfect” match can be found by going on their site. One bragged that because of them, 120 weddings were performed a day.  I was on an e-commerce’s site recently and they advertised a book written by someone who said that people are not complete without a mate and that God does not desire you to be incomplete.


I cannot assume to know what God knows, but I assure you that I know God well enough to say that He does not consider me (or others) incomplete because we are currently single.  The online dating market generated around 900 million dollars in revenue in 2011 off people and these services are making money because they tell people they are “lonely.”  That has put a burr under my saddle.


Love is the strongest emotion there is and the one thing everyone wants, even more than money.  How can it not be, God created us.  But let Him be your matchmaker and trust that He will bring you who He deems your mate in this life to be. 


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Thursday, January 03 2013

The definition of First is being number one, foremost and before any other.

There were many firsts in our lives.  Our first love, our first born, our first day at school and our first kiss.  There was the first man on the moon, the first president, the first flight and the first person to invent just about everything.  There are so many that I cannot list them all but you can.

Who is First in your life?

Make up your mind right now to put God First all year.  

Posted by: Molly Painter AT 01:02 pm   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email

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