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Friday, September 28 2012
I have had a tough road to haul lately. We all have been through things. Some things are really worse than others. Though I must say, the thing that you are going through right now is the worst thing in the world to you. I stand on the Word and my prayers that things will come out ok and I believe they will come out the way God determines. I believe that God will be there for me no matter what.
I am the type of person that takes everything personally. My job, my home, my activities are very important to me. If something happens and something is said, I take it personally and I will dwell on it for what seems forever. I do not like anyone to think badly of me or to think that I would do something intentionally to hurt someone. I work hard and always give my all. What is happening to you today is as important to you as this problem is to me. I then hear about someone that recently has passed on. She was only 39. Boy, does that hit home!...I wonder if she had children. Someone is grieving today. I have a friend who is going through something big with their child. It could alter this child’s whole future forever. My sister has a mass but they think that it will be ok. She has been told to come back in a couple of weeks to see how it is. It makes me think how big and bad is my problem now?
We, as Christians, can put an end to our problems. We have a say in our lives by the way we lead them. If we take it to God and lay it out in front of Him, He will take it from us. I know and practice this but then I have a habit of dwelling on the very things I have taken to God. I lay it down and then I pick it up. I eventually give it back to Him but what a waste of time. He would have handled it if I had just let it go. We stop all of God’s work every time that we mess with what we have already given to Him. It is hard and I know this. I struggle with this and I am still struggling with my problem because I just won't let go. It is my fault, not His. I told my mother today that I am weary. My answer from God was Matthew 11:28. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” He answers when we ask but you have to listen. Why does it take so long to just listen? I have often said that I listen but can’t hear Him. I am told that I must not be listening hard enough. I also have to shut up and be quiet to listen.
I have talked to everyone who will listen to me about my problem and they all say the same thing: Pray, be steadfast and it will be ok. The bottom line is to leave it with God and He will take care of the rest. But it sure is hard to do sometimes...
Susan Gahan
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Thursday, September 20 2012

So I saw this bumper sticker last week and it looked like a cross but with an arrow pointing up.  Now I am not sure what it actually meant but I thought to myself, it reminds me of when you come to an intersection and you can turn right or left or go straight head.  You could also turn around, I guess if you wanted.    


I thought when I come to an intersection in my life, what do I do?  Do I pray about it?  Do I make a snap decision or do I look up, like with the arrow?  I have found that I usually make a snap decision and just turn right or left.  I might even consult my GPS but never God. 


God wants us to consult Him.  He wants us to come to Him in prayer or even just to have a chat and tell him our troubles, our crossroads or our intersections.  I sit at times and look up, like with the arrow, and tell Him what is on my heart.  I tell Him my concerns and worries.  I tell Him that I need help handling a situation but when it comes to that intersection when it is easier to make that snap decision, that is what I do. 


My dearest best friend has told me to pray about everything.  Don’t make rash decisions.  Leave it with Him.  Wait for your answer.  Why don’t I have the patience to do that?  He really has patience with me! 


The bumper sticker made me really think.  Susan, you need to look up!

When you come to that intersection, look up!  I am here for you!  Don’t look left or right.  Don’t turn around.  Look up!  I have the answer.  I AM the answer in most things.  He truly IS the I AM! 


I read a lot of license plates and bumper stickers.  Some are cute.  Some are awful but something like this I take as a sign.  Look up people!  I am here!  He is up there for you and me.  So let us all look up! 

Susan Gahan 

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Friday, September 14 2012
The Olympics are now over.  Some have won and some have lost. Some are just thankful for having been there.
Each event has its own thing to do to win the gold medal. The divers have to dive off a platform into a pool. There is no way, Jose! The gymnasts have to twist and tumble.  I would look like a pretzel when I got done. The runners have to run as fast as they can and they look hardly out of breath when they are interviewed. I would have to have oxygen waiting for me after they peel me off of the track. Each has a goal and each wants to achieve it.
It is the same for you and me with God. We each have a goal if you are a Christian. If you do not have a goal, you need to rethink where you are going and what you are doing. To achieve the gold medal in Christianity, you have to condition yourself and train just like an Olympian. You have to get yourself fit for the race. You need to be ready for the race. 
What does it take? 
You need to read and study your Bible. You need to live today like there is no tomorrow for God. You need to project yourself so that people can see that the Holy Spirit is living within you. You need to pray constantly. You need to lean on God and leave everything in his hands. You need to eat healthy, exercise and rest when necessary. You need to keep your body conditioned and ready for the run. Marathon runners run for hours. Are you ready for the race? What medal will you achieve? I want to be on the podium with God, don’t you? I heard a runner last night tell a newscaster that she prays before she makes any decision to run. She told the world that she takes her orders from God and she listens to what he says. Isn’t it a wonderful thing? Take your orders now and run with them for God.
Susan Gahan
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