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Thursday, May 02 2013

I was working out this morning thinking about imitation vanilla of all things!  Most of the time I have bought the imitation brand due to mere cost but every once in a while I branch out and buy the real thing.  And I can attest to you that the real thing tastes richer, purer and you know you have tasted vanilla. 

All of us, no matter if we are Christians or not, have a very specific path to take in this earth but what I am seeing is that people are trying to imitate others and it isn’t working out so well.  We are each originals but we are trying to be like others.  Stop it!  I want to let you in on a little secret.  Satan is the greatest imitator there is and if you are trying to do what anyone else is doing then you my friend, are being very deceived

I have had to learn the hard (very hard) way that I am an original and if I don’t fulfill what God has already deposited in me then no one will.  I speak a certain way, pray a certain way, and lift my voice to the Lord a certain way.  And I give glory to God in the way I know how…not how someone else does, but for too long I have tried to please others to the point of it becoming a detriment.

Jesus tells us that He is the way, the truth and the life….all of the truth of who I am supposed to be is hidden in him.  Please don’t be deceived into thinking you will be the next____fill in the blank.  If you are then Satan has got you just where he wants you and you will never fulfill what you were uniquely designed to do. 

God is very l-o-n-g suffering with us wondering when are you going to get this? If he gave over seven billion people all unique thumbprints then that one fact alone tells me he uniquely designed you.  The real thing will cost you more but I can tell you, from experience, imitation just isn’t that good.

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