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Friday, December 28 2012

Are you shepherding your flock?  As a shepherd, do you not have responsibilites?

We must be fed.  We must have water.  We must be watched and kept safe.  We must be disciplined.

We are hungry and thirsty.  Please feed me until I am full.  Though just to let you know, I am never full.  I could be fed night and day.  I never seem to get enough.  I need more.  I need fed so that I can grow...grow with God.

I am still a little lamb that needs your guidance.  Discipline me in God's word.  I need to know the rules.  If you don't teach me the rules, who will?  I need to know the truth.  Please don't let me stray.  Keep a watchful eye on me.  Isn't it your job?  Isn't it your responsibility?  When you sleep, I wander away.  I feel so lost.  Where are you?  I need your direction.  Please take care of me.  I rely on you.  When you put on your cloak and grab your staff, you are in charge.  Take charge.

I need to trust you.  My life is in your hands.  You could lead me anywhere and I would follow you, for I am just a lamb.  You would never want to hurt me, would you?

Please do your job because my life depends on it.


Baa Baa

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Wednesday, December 19 2012
What have you done for Jesus today? Yesterday? Have you given your money, your time, your listening ear or your open arms for a hug needed? It takes you to give and then He will give.
My whole life I’ve taken and taken. I have prayed about it, received it and taken it. Now it is time to return it.
Somewhere in your family, church, work, or community, somewhere, someone needs something.
I have always been fearful about having enough money. I cannot give because I cannot pay the bills. What would happen if I couldn’t make the house payment because I gave to God or someone that needed it? It has taken me several years to figure out that if I give either with my time or offering, He makes sure that my bills are paid. You have to realize that the only reason that you have money to pay your bills is because God gave you your job to make the money. He is there for you but in order to receive you have to give. Pray about this today and give back some of what was given to you. Plant your seed and watch it grow.
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Monday, December 17 2012
I have not listened many times when I should have. As a child, my parents tried to tell me things and guide me so that I wouldn’t be hurt. My counselors and teachers tried to show me the way toward a better education and future. My Sunday school teachers and pastors tried to mold me into the type of Christian that I needed to be. Unfortunately, like most, I turned out ok but I did it the hard way.
Why are we so hardheaded and stubborn? Why does it take so much for us just to give in and do what we are asked to do?
Even today, I find it hard just to listen and obey. WE are in a society where we have to have it our way. It is unfortunate. We all would have so much if we would just obey. What is wrong with having it God’s way? After all, He did create us and He does bless us.
I know when God is talking to me. He is very clear on what must be done.
I live a routined life. I know what is ahead of me when my feet hit the floor. If I were to obey and do what He wants me to do without thinking, I would be out of my set routine, out of my comfort zone. It might actually take time out of my already busy day and I have no time to spare. Though what is time anyway?
I feel blessed that He is still talking to me. He has not given up on me. If we listen, we will be blessed abundantly. Do you have the time to spare? For one time in our lives, we must be quiet and not think it through. Open your ears. Do you hear Him? Listen, Do It, Be Blessed.
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Wednesday, December 12 2012

When I first started to get serious about my walk with Jesus, I would read two chapters of my Bible a day.  To read my Bible and really get into it, I have to focus only on it.  That means no television and no noise.  It has to be full dedication.  Well, two chapters became easy but to feed my spirit, I needed more.  I went to two chapters in the morning and two chapters in the evening.  I also was saying my prayers in the morning before work and whenever I felt that I should during my workday.  I began to feel the need to not only pray before I came to bed but to start praising God for what He has done in my life already.

Your spiritual life changes.  I have had many changes.  I just know when it is time to do something different.  I feel inside that I need more and it is time to make the change.

Now I read my Bible at night and watch TBN(Christian TV) before going to work in the morning.  I was trying to do both and getting nothing from it.  How can you listen and read at the same time and grasp what God is trying to give you?  Six months ago, you couldn't make me watch TBN.  Now I watch it every morning.  That half hour is the most peaceful, relaxing time of the day because my spirit is getting fed.

Make the changes that you need to keep God fresh in your life.  If you are not sure what changes need to be made, ask Him.  He will let you know.

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Wednesday, December 05 2012

My mother took us to church at a young age so I learned who Jesus was very early on.  The thing is that just because you know of Him, doesn't mean that you KNOW Him.  I knew it was the right thing to go to church but didn't understand why.  As I grew older and life began to throw curve balls my way,  I reacted as any other worldly person and tried to fix everything my way.  Unfortunately, we personally cannot fix things and it took me a long time to figure that out.  I was not a slow learner but just very hardheaded.  It was my way or as they say, the highway.  Well, as my life continued to be topsy-turvy, I met Molly.  Ironically, well, I am sure that God had a hand in it, we both came south the same year.  We have stuck together through thick and thin.  We have never been afraid to speak what God has put on our hearts even if it hurt one of us.  We are like peanut butter and jelly.   We just go together.  Sometimes it is creamy peanut butter but sometimes it is super crunchy. 

I have always felt that I was a child of God.  I feel Him in me.  I believe that if you do the right thing, He will bless you in some kind of way.  I have been blesed and I hope that my simple, down to earth letters will bless you...

Loving Jesus more every day,


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