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Friday, August 31 2012


I remember growing up and my Dad saying they were not allowed to go to the movies, play cards and such on Sundays.  It was a time for communing with the family and no work was done. 

I came across a recent article that said modern man no longer had to abide by the fourth commandment, which says- Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy…  On it you shall not do any work… therefore, the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy (NIV).

Yes, His completed work for creation was done on the seventh day and He rested.  But when He said He made the day holy, as God never changes, what would make anyone believe that it no longer is?

This same article said that man was no longer under the law and therefore, this fourth Commandment held no significance, but that he was obligated to abide by the other nine.  The author of another article said that the Ten Commandments are not to be considered eternal and that their relevance is slowing fading.  I went on to read similar articles that expressed the same ideology.  I shudder to think the next Commandment that will be “thrown out” and considered irrelevant.

I can all but assume our reverence for the Commandments, including and keeping the Sabbath, is something fast eroding and no longer important in our minds.  I believe that if we cannot commit one day of the week for solely communing with God, then God help us, please. (Times have changed and some do not have the luxury of not working on Sundays; God realizes that.)  At the very least give the first seconds, minutes or part of the Sabbath to God and I believe He will honor that.   

Some tend to think that after the crucifixion Jesus annulled the Sabbath.  All some folks need is an excuse to justify doing whatever they want to …if someone “famous” said it, it must be true.

God never changes…He declared the Commandments; they are holy and are forever and ever…Amen.

 Katie Altobellis


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Thursday, August 23 2012

John 3:1-5

There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews.  This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.”

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old?  Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?”  Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

What does it really mean to say, “The kingdom of God?”  It seems as though we interchange the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven but in the Bible are those two phrases the same?  Is it like saying potatoes or po-ta-toes?  OR could Jesus have really been telling us two different aspects about the same place, one being internal and the other physical?

Years ago, it was placed on my heart that the kingdom of God is within you but the kingdom of heaven is a real place.  If we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior the kingdom of God can rule and reign within us, giving us access to the kingdom of heaven.

My firm belief is that in order to embark upon the things of the kingdom of heaven Jesus is clearly telling us that we truly have to be born again.  In other words, we have to be able to accept Him as our living Savior and have a change of heart.  There has to be a circumcision of belief, attitude and perspective in our thinking, in our actions and in the way we now live our lives.  We can accept the kingdom of God within our hearts if we choose to.   

I thought I had accepted God and thought I knew who Jesus was from a very early age.  But, my actions and life certainly did not mirror a new life in Christ.  It was not until my late thirties that I knowingly and willingly knelt and asked Jesus to come into my heart and save my soul.  My life began slowly to take on a new form.  But, it was not until I had walked up and into the kingdom of God within myself that I truly felt born again.  I believed I had been given a second chance to live on earth with a cleansed heart and mind. 

The kingdom of God is within a soul and it is as tangible as any emotion I have ever felt.  From this kingdom of God within me, I am able to access the kingdom of heaven through the full power of the Holy Spirit. 

That is why Jesus said, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3:6).  It is only through being born again that one can truly access the things of the Spirit.



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Saturday, August 18 2012

I held up a sign ….
You passed me by.
Little did you know I’d just lost my home.
I had a job but it wasn’t enough.

I wanted to give up
I wanted to quit
But something said no…not yet.
So I stand on the street with a sign in my hands.

I’ve been reduced to this even though I tried as hard as I could.
I just got so I couldn’t fight anymore….ya know?
Surely, there is someone when they see I wrote “God Bless You”
Who would help me….isn’t there someone who won’t judge me?
Everybody needs help sometimes….haven’t you?
Isn’t there someone who will help me get back on my feet?
Or just give me enough so I can eat?

This is the poem I wrote one day after encountering a homeless man on the street.  The stoplight happened (?) to turn red right at the place he sat, so my car was right beside him.  I couldn’t ignore him or runaway from him.  There he was in my face.  I felt a rush of heat flow over my body and couldn’t believe that I didn’t have any money.  I think I had some change that had dropped in the bottom of my purse but I thought to myself, by the time I scramble for it, the light will be green and the car behind me will be anxious for me to go.

I drove off and prayed that God would send someone to help.  I felt awful.  The poem above started flowing right out of me. Through prayer, I knew that I was going to purpose to keep a specific amount of money in my side purse for anyone who sat on the side of the street begging.  I wasn’t going to judge or curse them for being there; I was just going to help them.  

I have heard all sorts of people condemn people like that.  It takes more time to do that than to just open up your purse and give the poor fellow a dollar.  We don’t know what happened to get them there.  Sometimes we have a person summed up before they can even speak.  This ought not to be.

Therefore, the next time you see someone on the side of the road; this ministry challenges you to help them …. Don’t judge them.  Who knows, maybe it’s just a test by God to see what you will do!  

            JEHOVAH JIREH – The Lord Will Provide – God is our constant provider.  Abraham found out what a mighty provider Jehovah was when God told him to go to Mt. Moriah.  The Lord provided a ram that was offered up as a burnt offering because Abraham did not hold back from offering Isaac to the Lord.  Abraham named the place The Lord Will Provide.  Genesis 22:11-14


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Thursday, August 16 2012
I have not listened many times when I should have. As a child, my parents tried to tell me things and guide me so that I wouldn’t be hurt. My counselors and teachers tried to show me the way toward a better education and future. My Sunday school teachers and pastors tried to mold me into the type of Christian that I needed to be. Unfortunately, like most, I turned out ok but I did it the hard way.
Why are we so hardheaded and stubborn? Why does it take so much for us just to give in and do what we are asked to do?
Even today, I find it hard just to listen and obey. WE are in a society where we have to have it our way. It is unfortunate. We all would have so much if we would just obey. What is wrong with having it God’s way? After all, He did create us and He does bless us.
I know when God is talking to me. He is very clear on what must be done.
I live a routined life. I know what is ahead of me when my feet hit the floor. If I were to obey and do what He wants me to do without thinking, I would be out of my set routine, out of my comfort zone. It might actually take time out of my already busy day and I have no time to spare. Though what is time anyway?
I feel blessed that He is still talking to me. He has not given up on me. If we listen, we will be blessed abundantly. Do you have the time to spare? For one time in our lives, we must be quiet and not think it through. Open your ears. Do you hear Him? 
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Friday, August 10 2012

All that has been on my mind this past two weeks is Time.  When something comes upon my spirit so heavily, I know that it is from God.  So here we go. I have just folded a basket of laundry and I am trying to figure out where my time goes.  I know that I get up early and go to work.  I know that it takes me about two hours a day to drive back and forth to work.  I know that I have to eat dinner and shower.  But honestly, where does my time go? 

When I was a child back in the sixties in Ohio, time didn’t matter.  I don’t ever remember worrying about running out of time or if I got everything accomplished that I needed to do.  I was a child!  We played, went to school and just had fun.  I thought that life would continue on this way forever.  As a child, you never think of bills, rent, mortgages, jobs and stress.   

When I got out of high school and got a job, I learned responsibility and one was how to make car payments.  Time didn’t matter.  I put my 8-5 in and then it was off to hang out with friends.  The only thing that I was concerned about was my curfew.   

Then I met my husband.  We had two girls and time became non-existent.  When they were little, it was about diapers and bottles.  Then time was all about being up half the night with earaches or bellyaches.  As they got older, it was horseback riding, girl scouts, slumber parties or softball.  Run, run, run.  It went from not using my time wisely to where did the time go?  At that point in your life you think, “When the children are grown, I will have all the time in the world.”  Those actually were the good old days but that is another story. 

So I am in the present now.  It seems like just a few days ago I was saying, “Boy, it is the end of June already.”  Well, now it is mid-July.  Where has the time gone?  I tell myself that I need to call my parents more, I need to email certain people and I need to exercise.  I would love to volunteer!  I come home from work with high expectations of getting a lot done and here I sit.  I wonder where my evening went.  I didn’t accomplish anything.  Our time is flying by.  This has amazed me more and more.  I get up on Monday and hope that Friday comes quickly for the weekend.  I am ashamed of myself for not living each day fully.  I feel like I wish my life away.  Even more so, I am ashamed of the lack of time that I give God every day.  I come home with the grand idea of opening my iPad and watching the religious program that I missed today.  Some days I accomplish this but not every day.  Do I give enough of my time that I am wishing away to God?  Absolutely not!   

I know better than anyone does that our time here on earth is limited.  Time is ticking away and so are the days, months and years.  At some point, we will be held accountable for doing something or nothing.  We as God’s children cannot afford to waste our time anymore on unimportant things.  Tick-tock goes the clock.  Another day is over.  What have WE done today?

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