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Saturday, August 18 2012

I held up a sign ….
You passed me by.
Little did you know I’d just lost my home.
I had a job but it wasn’t enough.

I wanted to give up
I wanted to quit
But something said no…not yet.
So I stand on the street with a sign in my hands.

I’ve been reduced to this even though I tried as hard as I could.
I just got so I couldn’t fight anymore….ya know?
Surely, there is someone when they see I wrote “God Bless You”
Who would help me….isn’t there someone who won’t judge me?
Everybody needs help sometimes….haven’t you?
Isn’t there someone who will help me get back on my feet?
Or just give me enough so I can eat?

This is the poem I wrote one day after encountering a homeless man on the street.  The stoplight happened (?) to turn red right at the place he sat, so my car was right beside him.  I couldn’t ignore him or runaway from him.  There he was in my face.  I felt a rush of heat flow over my body and couldn’t believe that I didn’t have any money.  I think I had some change that had dropped in the bottom of my purse but I thought to myself, by the time I scramble for it, the light will be green and the car behind me will be anxious for me to go.

I drove off and prayed that God would send someone to help.  I felt awful.  The poem above started flowing right out of me. Through prayer, I knew that I was going to purpose to keep a specific amount of money in my side purse for anyone who sat on the side of the street begging.  I wasn’t going to judge or curse them for being there; I was just going to help them.  

I have heard all sorts of people condemn people like that.  It takes more time to do that than to just open up your purse and give the poor fellow a dollar.  We don’t know what happened to get them there.  Sometimes we have a person summed up before they can even speak.  This ought not to be.

Therefore, the next time you see someone on the side of the road; this ministry challenges you to help them …. Don’t judge them.  Who knows, maybe it’s just a test by God to see what you will do!  

            JEHOVAH JIREH – The Lord Will Provide – God is our constant provider.  Abraham found out what a mighty provider Jehovah was when God told him to go to Mt. Moriah.  The Lord provided a ram that was offered up as a burnt offering because Abraham did not hold back from offering Isaac to the Lord.  Abraham named the place The Lord Will Provide.  Genesis 22:11-14


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