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Thursday, April 18 2013

I went by the store today to pick up a few things and I saw a familiar face at the checkout counter and said, “Hi! How are you today?”  She replied, “Same ‘ole, same ’ole.”  And then she yelled, “Life is a bunch of S__T!”    And I said, “I will see you when I check out.” 

I proceeded to the coffee aisle (my favorite!) and with every step I took all I could think of was how sad…my spirit was really grieved.  I like this woman and I thought maybe I will give her a ministry card.  Then I remembered— I already had.

When I finished I began to walk to the front to checkout and spotted another lane that was empty.   I thought for a brief moment I will go through that line to avoid the sour attitude.   Most of the time I LIKE to talk to people who seem to be having a bad day to see if I can break them down to laugh or impart something to them other than what they are feeling, but today I just wanted to not fool with it.  Anyone ever feel like that?   So, I smiled myself as I entered her line to be prepared.  She was gruff and I tried to be funny by saying, “Well, I got to wake up today so I figured the rest was downhill!”  I laughed but she didn’t think it was too funny.

Walking to the car I was reflecting and knew I should have taken the time to say:  “You know, I worked at Food Lion and since I knew I had to be there (to make a living) I figured I might as well make the best of it and try to have a good time.  To smile and make the customers feel good.   Time, for me, went by faster when I purposed to make the best of the situation I found myself in.  I almost turned around to go back in.  But timing is everything and I missed the mark to tell her at the given time.  

Tips:  Everyone has ‘stuff’ but it is how you approach it that can really make the difference in your heart, attitude and for everyone around you. 



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