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Friday, August 10 2012

All that has been on my mind this past two weeks is Time.  When something comes upon my spirit so heavily, I know that it is from God.  So here we go. I have just folded a basket of laundry and I am trying to figure out where my time goes.  I know that I get up early and go to work.  I know that it takes me about two hours a day to drive back and forth to work.  I know that I have to eat dinner and shower.  But honestly, where does my time go? 

When I was a child back in the sixties in Ohio, time didn’t matter.  I don’t ever remember worrying about running out of time or if I got everything accomplished that I needed to do.  I was a child!  We played, went to school and just had fun.  I thought that life would continue on this way forever.  As a child, you never think of bills, rent, mortgages, jobs and stress.   

When I got out of high school and got a job, I learned responsibility and one was how to make car payments.  Time didn’t matter.  I put my 8-5 in and then it was off to hang out with friends.  The only thing that I was concerned about was my curfew.   

Then I met my husband.  We had two girls and time became non-existent.  When they were little, it was about diapers and bottles.  Then time was all about being up half the night with earaches or bellyaches.  As they got older, it was horseback riding, girl scouts, slumber parties or softball.  Run, run, run.  It went from not using my time wisely to where did the time go?  At that point in your life you think, “When the children are grown, I will have all the time in the world.”  Those actually were the good old days but that is another story. 

So I am in the present now.  It seems like just a few days ago I was saying, “Boy, it is the end of June already.”  Well, now it is mid-July.  Where has the time gone?  I tell myself that I need to call my parents more, I need to email certain people and I need to exercise.  I would love to volunteer!  I come home from work with high expectations of getting a lot done and here I sit.  I wonder where my evening went.  I didn’t accomplish anything.  Our time is flying by.  This has amazed me more and more.  I get up on Monday and hope that Friday comes quickly for the weekend.  I am ashamed of myself for not living each day fully.  I feel like I wish my life away.  Even more so, I am ashamed of the lack of time that I give God every day.  I come home with the grand idea of opening my iPad and watching the religious program that I missed today.  Some days I accomplish this but not every day.  Do I give enough of my time that I am wishing away to God?  Absolutely not!   

I know better than anyone does that our time here on earth is limited.  Time is ticking away and so are the days, months and years.  At some point, we will be held accountable for doing something or nothing.  We as God’s children cannot afford to waste our time anymore on unimportant things.  Tick-tock goes the clock.  Another day is over.  What have WE done today?

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