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Thursday, October 31 2013

This past Saturday (26th of October) the “Heart of Hope” Run for Hunger stepped up to the plate to help children in need on Carolina Beach.  Usually, there are what I call ‘front’ people that you see who are the faces for any business operation.  Many assume those are the ones who do all the work but nothing could be further from the truth.  I have had many around me over the last years that do a lot of what others would call ‘grunt’ work but an invaluable part of making certain that all the bases are covered for events or meetings. 

I have always taken scripture literal in the Word of God.  For example, one is “Do it as unto the Lord.”  In any endeavor I try to perform as if God were my manager or employer.  I (as a human) perform much better knowing He is my boss and it stretches me to go the distance that I might not have ordinarily gone.  Do I fall short at times? Yes.  But, when I do I go to God, repent, dust myself off and start all over again.  Life is much too short to worry about the small things and yet it is the small things that I try so hard to get right.  I believe that ‘if you are faithful with a little you are given more.”  But, the key is that you have to remain faithful and very obedient.

I want to thank Marjorie Ard, Katie Altobellis, Susan Gahan and Dara Newberry (my daughter) for their steadfastness and abilities to help pull off this run so beautifully.  I could not have done any of it without them.  Katie garnered so much support in the way of donations and gifts; Susan kept up with recording these donations and sending thank you notes (which we still are in need of sending out more), Marjorie kept up with prayer intercession and Dara (my daughter) sold and sold this run, organized the whole thing and gave us a ‘look’ in our marketing that was beyond compare.  Also, I want to thank you Mandy, Tracy, Lisa, Suzanne and Mike for all you did and of course, all of our wonderful vendors!  We all have full-time lives but with God’s grace managed to do this for the ones who cannot help themselves and do not ask to be in these situations.

Thank you all for your support.  As I walked around talking to others I discovered that many do not even know of the need on the Island…yet it is there.  “Heart of Hope” will be around for a long, long time because there will always be children who need our help and we will strive to do it ‘as unto the Lord.’  



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